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You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay em But you wont take the sting out these words before I say em Cause aint no way Imma let you stop me from causing mayhem When I say Imma do something I do it I dont give a damn what you think Im doing this for me, so fuck the world

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You say Im sad but you dont turn down the help because you dont want to deal with being helped, you do it because you know that when people offer to help they dont understand the significance of what theyre offering, and when they try they become so burned out on you because youre just taking them up on exactly what they promised, and

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The story ends without a sequel; and now you know why Technique dont fucking fall in love with people Hold the person that you love closely if theyre next to you The one you love, not the person thatll simply have sex with you Appreciate them to the fullest extent and then beyond Cause you never really know what you got until its gone

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i never really knew you you were just another friend but when i got to know you i let my heart unbend i couldnt help past memories that would only make me cry i had to forget my first love and give love another try so i fell in love with you and ill never let you go i love you more than anything i just had to let you know and if you ever

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I shot ya! [Verse Five: LL Cool J] What the fuck? I thought I conquered the whole world Crushed Moe Dee, Hammer, and Ice-Ts girl But still, niggaz want to instigate shit Ill battle any nigga in tha rap game quick Name the spot, I make it hot for ya bitches Female rappers too, I dont give a fuck boo Word, Im here to crush all my peers

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Anonymous 18 September 2019 Reply. i cant find this song that played yesterday on jewel 98.5, it was a duet where there a girl was singing most of the song and one of the lyrics was "i dont remember saying that ill ever leave you all alone" or something like that and she and a man sang "dont give up" and it was similar to time after time by cyndi lauper but i cant find it anywhere!

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Find us at How To Not Give A Fuck is the paradoxical problem-free philosophy challenging you to fearless experimentation and self-discovery. Im afraid of death. (self Its normal, but we cant let that stop us from living. Still, I know you dont want to feel that way, so I say this: What you want is not to live

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The last track of the mixtape, “Outtakes” is split into three parts. On part one, Starlito and Don Trip run through a litany of 2011’s hottest beats in their signature back and forth style.

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I am going to answer your question, eventually, but before I do, I have several things to say. I hope they will be helpful to you. First, I want to recognize the amazing job you did writing this question. You were exceptionally honest and presente

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When you give too many fucks what your family thinks about your career, you end up working a job you don’t care about. In this article I’ll cover 3 steps you can follow to stop seeking approval, so you can free yourself from all the negative emotions that come along with giving too many fucks.

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But if she’s using the excuse, it probably means she DOES still care about him, that she’s not over it entirely and above all, that she just doesn’t want to date you and doesn’t want to be mean and tell you. I once had a guy ask me why I didn’t want to date him. He had an answer for every excuse I gave.

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Just lettin you know that you’re not alone Like a "fuck you" for Christmas, his gift is a curse Theres a game called circle and I dont know how Im way too up to back down