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Why do humans love flowers? - Quora

Women arent perfect, they get sick, they dont live forever, and they eat food. There no different than you so go out and approach them! Just read this straight from the imperfect bitches mouth: 9 Gross Things All Girls Do (But Love To Pretend They Don’t Do) | Thought Catalog […]

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Why Do Dogs Lick Humans Faces? by Kristina Barroso . Licking human faces is a common and functional dog behavior. Licking is an instinctive canine behavior that dogs use to communicate with people and other animals. When your dog licks your face, he could be trying to send you a message, gather information about you, keep you clean, or he may

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10 Reasons why girls love flowers so much. When you think about it, flowers are not much of a gift, are they? They are often massively overpriced, especially around Valentine’s Day and, almost as soon as you have put them in a vase, they start to wilt!

Why Do Dogs Lick Humans Faces? - Pets

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Wow, I’m surprised people don’t know this. The reason Europeans mix tobacco with their weed today is because old habits die hard. The practice began during the sixties and seventies. Europeans didn’t have easy access to weed, especially on the Bri

Why do people mix cannabis with tobacco? - Quora

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Im 16 and i love art and drawing, its one of my absolute favorite things to do. I am very creative. I love drawing on myself and other people, i want to be a tattoo artist when i get older (or anything with art if that doesnt work out). Anyways, when i draw its always patterns and flowers. Its different shapes and colors and patterns and designs.

The 3 Reasons Why You Cant Draw, (And What to Do About It

Flower Symbolism as Female Sexual Metaphor Abstract The watercolor paintings that I created from September 2009 to March 2010 use flowers as metaphorical subject matter to address issues and emotions associated with the topic of female sexuality. My goal was to use

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why do people want to fuck a flower

In Plants From the Past: Old Flowers For New Gardens by David Stuart and James Sutherland [London: Penguin Books, 1989; ISBN 0–14–046735–1], the historians say: “…most early garden plants seem to have been entirely utilitarian, and were generally